Welcome to CalTIC GmbH

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CalTIC GmbH is a pharmaceutical start-up company founded in November 2021 by the University of Leeds (UK), the Lead Discovery Center GmbH (Germany), the Max Planck Society (Germany), and Prof. Dr. M. Freichel (University Heidelberg, Germany). Based in Dortmund, Germany, CalTIC started operations in March 2022. In April 2022, the KHAN Technology Transfer Fund I (KHAN-I) committed an investment of up to EUR 3 million in milestone dependent payments.

CalTIC´s mission is the development of TRPC inhibitors as a new class of medicines for the treatment of metabolic disease/obesity and pathological cardiac remodeling. CalTIC collaborates closely with the Lead Discovery Center GmbH, the University of Leeds and the University of Heidelberg.
[ * ] Structure of a TRPC membrane channel with the pore-forming monomers in green (A,C) and black (B,D). Phospholipid and cholesterol, in their highly conserved binding sites, are displayed in pink and peach respectively.

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